Welcome To Help! (Information)


Welcome To Help!

What is Help

Help is an online software so people can find help with projects that they can not do by themselves.

When to Use Help

There are two different scenarios where you might want to use Help.

  1. You want help
  2. You want to help

If you want to Help

Sign up, click "posts" at the navbar, and search through posts that interest you. Note, the search is tag-based. Don't type in "I like CSS". Type in "front-end css". That way, you will actually get the results to want. You can also just scroll if you like everything. Read the tags listed to find out what they need help with. If something interests you, click on it, and read the description. If you like what you read, click "join". Check back in a day or 2 to see if your request was accepted. You will see it under "notifications" on your home screen. Click "go to repl", and you will be routed to either a landing repl, or the repl itself. Try and help out, but make sure you have the owners approval. We don't want to ruin repls, we want to improve them.

If you need Help

Here are the steps:
  1. Sign up
  2. Once you are redirected, click "new".
  3. Verify your identity with repl auth
  4. Once you have done that, you will be redirected to the creation page.
  5. Fill out the boxes.

A rundown of the boxes and what to put in them:

An image of the
The "new" page

  1. Name
    1. what is your projects name?
  2. Repl link
    1. Click on the question mark if you have questions.
    2. Basically a link to the repl
  3. Description
    1. Describe your repl.
      1. make sure to say what it is right now, and what you want it to be (something like below)
      2. Include what type of help you are looking for
  4. Tags
    1. Exactly what you need help with
      1. "front-end" "back-end" "css"
"I need help with graphics.                
Right now my character is a blob
Plz help"

Then hit "create", and when a request comes in to help, click "accept". The people will soon join you on your repl. Consider creating a landing repl like the one for help. This way, people can not edit your repl before checking in with you.

If you wish to join the Dev team on Help

Click join. You will be routed to a landing repl. Fill out the form, and you will be notified when you have been accepted.


  1. Try to create a landing repl. Do it. Just do it. There are people out there who will click "join" then delete all your hard work. We don't want this, do we?
  2. There is no retrieving password. It may become a later feature, but for security reasons, it does not exist yet.
  3. When you authenticate with repl auth, only your username is stored. Not your password, picture, cycles, or id.

Posting Rules

  1. No offensive content
  2. No Blasphemy
  3. No cussing (cussing and inappropriate words will be filtered out and replaced with asterisks)
  4. No inappropriate content. Help claims no liability for content its users make and post.

If you wish to join, you must have knowledge of one or more of the following:

  1. Good site design. 
  2. Server management
  3. node.js and express
  4. legal things (TOS and Privacy policies)
  5. Firebase

People Joined:

  • @sojs
  • @m
  • @RedMan2
  • @Froggo
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I hope you like it so far! Lots of updates coming all the time!


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